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Q) Should I purchase a service contract?
A) It depends on your specific usage and needs. Your monthly volume usually is your key indicator. We recommend annual service contracts for mid to heavy users. Please contact us for your needs analysis.

Q) Should I lease or buy?
A) Many businesses prefer to lease for tax benefits and ease the capital requirements. Please talk to your equipment consultant to discuss the further benefits of a lease and to determine the type of lease as well as the length of a lease.

Q) What are some of the critical determining factor for the price of copiers?
A) Monthly volume capacity, copier speed, and optional features such as auto feeder & sorter are what drive the price up and down.

Q) Can I purchase supplies from other dealers?
A) Yes. But you'll call us after you compare our price with other dealers. We strongly recommend original manufacturer supplies

Q) Is a digital copier the one for me?
A) Analog copiers are quickly disappearing from the copier marketplace. Generally, digital copiers are more reliable than analog copiers. Please contact us for your needs analysis to determine the best document solution.

Q) What is cost per copy?
A) Cost per copy (CPC) is a management tool to shop, compare, and maintain office copiers. Cost per copy may be used to budget office copier expense. CPC is sometimes made into a product by dealers to be offered to their clients as an alternative to rental. CPC, as a financial tool, is simply the total maintenance cost divided by the number of copies. This ratio takes into account the cost of toners, drum, fuser roller, developer, feed rollers, ADF belts, and all parts. Service charge is also included. PM kits and overhauls are sometimes not covered depending on the dealer. In order to calculate an accurate CPC, PM kits, and overhauls should be included. Cost per copy calculations may sometimes be complicated. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly consultants to figure out your exact cost per copy so that you'll be in a great shape to shop for your next copier.

Q) What is considered as a low cost per copy?
A) Lowest cost per copy is achieved by heavy users. For most business applications, $.02 per copy is considered expensive for our customers. Some of our larger customers average as low as 1 cent per copy. This can be guaranteed by subscribing to a full coverage service contract. Please contact our service department for more information.

Q) Would you recommend a multi-functional (copier/scanner/fax/printer) device?
A) Multi-Functional products are recommended for light users without specific needs. If you start generating lots of copies, your cost per copy will soon be both unreasonable and unbearable.